Institutional Effectiveness


Academic Senate Joint Institutional Effectiveness Committee


Institutional effectiveness is the extent to which the college meets its mission and goals. The Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Committee is responsible for:

  • reviewing data metrics and other information assessing institutional effectiveness,
  • making recommendations to DPAC to identify college priorities and institutional planning based on analyses of the college’s performance on the IE metrics against target goals and institution-set standards; and,
  • providing input on the data to be included in the program review process.

All committee work is done with the purpose of improving institutional quality, student equity, and success.


  • Recommends relevant institutional effectiveness (IE) and equity metrics to collect based on institutional priorities and initiatives.
  • Participates in the goal-setting process for IE metrics and student equity metrics.
  • Monitors performance on IE and equity metrics against target goals and institution-set standards.
  • Advises the Program Review and Curriculum Committees and departments on issues related to outcomes assessment and program evaluation to ensure processes are integrated with college-wide goals, initiatives, and metrics.
  • Supports departments and units in equitizing outcome statements and assessment processes.
  • Sustains the infrastructure for reporting and collecting outcomes data.
  • Facilitates the linkage between the Office of Institutional Research and the planning process through the identification and analysis of institutional data and surveys such as student engagement, campus climate, racial climate, and other surveys.
  • Make suggestions to DPAC especially in regard to the development and assessment of the College’s strategic initiatives.
  • Reviews institutional level outcomes data to inform program and institutional decision-making and planning.
  • Promotes data-informed decision-making and planning processes and a culture of equity-minded inquiry at the college.
  • Communicate the IE metrics and goals to the campus community.

Approved by the committee on 10/28/2020

Committee Calendar of Activities

Committee Membership

Faculty administrators interested party members
  • Chair, Vicenta Arrizon 
  • Jamey Anderson
  • Jo Hao
  • Jamar London
  • Elisa Meyer
  • Marisol Moreno

  • Sherri Bradford
  • Dione Carter
  • Anna Iyer (Student)
  • Luis Jauregui
  • Chris Gibson
  • Maria Munoz
  • Scott Silverman
  • Kyle Strohmaier
  • Tyrel Deveyra (Student)

Meeting Dates/Times/Location

Time: Second and fourth Wednesdays of every month, 1:15 to 2:30 p.m.

Location: Note that all meetings in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 will meet remotely via Zoom. Please email for access to the Zoom link.

Agendas and Minutes

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