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​The Santa Monica College Distance Education Program offers faculty members a unique approach to online teaching, innovation in class conversion, and effective non-traditional teaching and learning concepts. The process to submit a proposal is outlined below:

Discuss the Distance Education Proposal

  1. Discuss with the department chairs and other faculty and make possible modifications to the course, given its method of delivery. The course objectives and content remain the same for traditional and distance education delivery.

  2. Ensure that there is sufficient support, the interaction between students and other students, instructor, and content and that the student taking the course will have equivalent experience to students taking the course on-ground.

  3. Review the course outline of record for proposed class and determine what changes will need to be made to offer it via distance education.

Please refer to the Distance Education Presentation by Gary Huff, Laura Manson, and Tammara Whittaker from the May 6 Curriculum Committee meeting for a complete overview on the regulations, requirements, considerations and Best Practices for submitting a course for Distance Education.

Submit the Distance Education Application

Please note: If you are submitting a course for Distance Education "Approved for Online Delivery in Emergency Contexts Only” (“AODECO”), use the “DE for Emergencies only” proposal workflow in META, and submit the completed Word version of the Distance Education application as an attached file.  You may also email the completed application to Dana Nasser, Curriculum Chair and Jason Beardsley, Curriculum Vice Chair. If you are submitting a course to be offered online or hybrid on an ongoing, non-emergency basis, please complete all steps below.

  1. Refer to the “Submitting a Course for Distance Education Handbook​” for the details on how to submit a new or existing course for Distance Education within META.
    Note: If the course has not been updated in the past two years, it must be updated at the time it comes through the Curriculum Committee for DE approvals

  2. Discuss with the department chair and ask for the support of the course proposal, in a department meeting, and have the chair enter the department vote in the “Comments” during their Approval Step in META.

  3. The course will also go through approval from the accessibility officer as well as Curriculum Technical Review before appearing before the committee.

  4. Launch the proposal in META, once the Distance Education application is approved at all stages within META, it will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate, and approved by the Board of Trustees.



  • ​If you are encountering technical issues with META, please contact Rachel Demski at