Curriculum Committee

Guided Pathways Taskforce Roster


Current Roster (Fall 2017)

  1. Guido Davis Del Piccolo, Faculty Lead, Sociology
  2. Maria Muñoz, Faculty Lead, Communication and Media Studies
  3. Jenna Gausman, Counseling (Career)
  4. Chris Baccus, Counseling
  5. Estela Narrie, Counseling (Articulation)
  6. Susan Sterr, English
  7. Jean Paik-Schoenberg, English
  8. William Konya, Math
  9. Kristin Lui-Martinez, Math
  10. Steven Sedky, CTE, Business
  11. Nate Donahue (or designee), Academic Senate
  12. Perviz Sawoski, Theatre Arts
  13. Luis Andrade, Communication and Media Studies
  14. Christyanne Melendez, Earth Science
  1. Georgia Lorenz, Academic Affairs
  2. Jenny Merlic, Academic Affairs
  3. Hannah Lawler (or designee), Institutional Research
  4. Esau Tovar, Enrollment Services
  5. Edna Chavarry, Academic Affairs, The Center for Teaching Excellence
  6. Rupinder Bhatia, Management Information Systems
  7. Michael Tuitasi, Student Affairs
  8. Brenda Benson, Student Affairs
  1. Charlene "Alex" Boyd, Associated Students, Budget Director
  2. Jialing Li, Associated Students, Commissioner for Instructional Support
  3. Alexa Benevente, Associated Students, Sustainability Director
  4. Kimberly Hernandez, Associated Students, Commissioner

Interested Parties

  • Jason Beardsley, English Department Chair
  • Laurie Guglielmo, Counseling Department Chair
  • Mitra Moassessi, Math Department Chair
  • Sal Veas, CTE Chair, Business Department Chair
  • Nancy Cardenas, Counseling
  • Regina Ip, Web Content & Social Media Manager