Guided Pathways

Mapping Tools


Program Map Training (PDF)

Program Mapping Tools

Below are some to the tools useful for Program Mapping.

Degrees (Programs of Study) and Courses

  • CurricUNET (SMC's curriculum management system) for both SMC awards and courses, but not transfer information.  Look here to find Program Information (Requirements, Program Learning Outcomes, …) and to find Course Information (Units, Hours, Requisites, Student Learning Outcomes, …).  You do NOT need to log in to search for programs or courses.)


General Education Requirements

  • IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum): Accepted by UC, CSU, and SMC
  • CSU GE: Accepted by CSU and SMC (not accepted by UC)

  • SMC GE (Degrees & Certificates): Accepted by SMC (not accepted by UC or CSU)


Building the Map

Feedback and Evaluation of Mapping Day (to be completed AFTER the day is completely over)