Guided Pathways

Redesigning the Student Experience


Download: Redesigning the student experience

  • A "Guided Pathways Framework" seeks to intentionally and at scale build the college's structures and programs to:
    • Improve and achieve equity in the rates of college completion, transfer, and attainment of jobs with value in the labor market
  • Developing and implementing a "guided pathways framework" at the college requires management and sustaining large-scale transformational change.
  • A guided pathways framework is not a program, an initiative, and pilot, and add-on, nor what we will "do."
  • Instead, this framework means the transformation of "business as usual;" it should be thought of as "what we would become."

The Need for Significant change

Graph showing the Fall 2013 First-Time Freshman Cohort (F2 students excluded) Achievement within 3 years (n=5022)

Graph showing the Fall 2013 First time Freshman Cohort (F1 students excluded) not enrolled in any form of higher education and did not complete a degree

  • Our educational institutions are perfectly designed to produce the exact results we experience
  • So if we want different results, we need to design our institutions differently