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Honor Code and Honor Council

In 2006, SMC became the first community college in the state of California to establish an Honor Code and Honor Council. The purpose of the Honor Council is to promote academic integrity at Santa Monica College, to oversee the Honor Code, and to uphold the following Honor Code Principles – Honesty, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Respect and Civility.

2020 Spotlight on Honor Awards

This year, the SMC Honor Council introduced the inaugural Spotlight on Honor Awards. These awards are intended to shine a light on those students, faculty and staff who best exemplify the Council’s pillars of Honor. The awardees were selected from the twenty-two individuals and one group that were nominated. Awardees were honored via a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, May 19.

Students Winners

Kayla Eber is a student majoring in Business Administration Entrepreneurship and Art History. Kayla started a Meal Project two years ago as a means of combating food insecurity at SMC. By designing a system involving wrist bracelets, students needing a meal could approach a peer wearing a bracelet to have a meal purchased with no questions asked.

Safa Saleem is a student majoring in Political Science. In her role as Director of Student assistance, Safa has supported her fellow peers by elevating student basic needs and improving food security programs so that they would be recognized among our College’s top priorities. She was also a major player in creating a proposal for a Safe Parking Program here at SMC. Safa also attended the California Higher Education Basic Needs Alliance (CHEBNA) summit this year to collaborate with other California colleges and universities to support students in the area of basic needs and food insecurity.

Nominees - Tracy Hurtado, Ishmael Jasmin, Robert Laguna, Daria Volynska

Faculty Winners

Sherri Bradford is the faculty leader of the Black Collegians Program. Sherri is an asset to the students, staff, and entire SMC community. She has selflessly dedicated countless hours to running and enhancing the Black Collegians program which has yielded quantifiable success for student achievements in leadership and transfer. Sherri has also tirelessly dedicated herself to the cause of promoting an understanding of and tangible practices in equitizing the SMC community.

Tram Dang, Professor of Engineering and Physics, has gone above and beyond not only as an active faculty member, who has been an integral part of establishing the Engineering program/certificate/AA at SMC, but also as a collaborator with others to utilize the 3D printers from the STEM department to print critically needed face masks to donate to health care workers. Without any reservations, Prof. Dang goes above and beyond to support her students, other faculty, administrators, and the SMC community at large. She embodies social responsibility, integrity, and respect.

Nominees - Laurie Guglielmo, Debby Perret, Christine Schultz

Classified Staff Winners

Aaron De La Torre, Student Service Specialist in the EOPS department, is a great resource who really cares about our diverse student population. He offers help when a student needs additional support and he follows up with the student by phone in person and or by email. He provides a wealth of knowledge pertaining not only to our special programs but the college in general. He is student centered and has been since he has worked with this college.

Judith Mosher, Math Lab Coordinator, goes above and beyond to make the lives of students, tutors, instructional assistants, and professors who work with her flow as smoothly as possible. She started a food and clothes pantry in the Math Lab to help students in need get food, clothes, and other necessities. Judith always acts with honesty, integrity, and treats everyone like family. No one is more deserving of this award than her!

Nominees - Ana Jara, Mario Lopez, Amelia Trejo

Manager/Administrator Winners

Johnnie Adams is the Chief of the SMC Police Department. Chief Adams takes time out of his VERY busy schedule to meet with students in his office when they want to talk to him. He treats everyone the same regardless of race or socioeconomic background. He gives his personal cell phone number to students. He mentors students. When he makes tough decisions that may not be popular he ALWAYS gives the reason for his decision. He is very honest and is a constant example of what it means to have integrity. In addition to all of these things, Chief Adams has a great sense of humor and is extremely generous. There is so much that he does that goes overlooked. I hope he is recognized with this award.

Regina Ip is SMC’s Web Content and Social Media Manager. Since the beginning of the global crisis stemming from COVID-19, Regina has worked tirelessly (14-hour days, 10+ days without a day off) to build and streamline the "SMC Coronavirus" website. This page has been a crucial repository for information for students, faculty, and staff related to the virus and the actions being taken by the district to protect all members of the SMC family. Regina's endless concern for students and her colleagues drives her to seek out information from other institutions to learn that they are doing to deal with immediate and expected issues. For example, she has been tracking other community colleges across the country who have been converting their athletic facilities in preparation for the need for additional hospital bed space in order to be ready to work with the Emergency Operations Team towards similar efforts.

Nominees - Elease Juarez, Nicholas Mata, Stacy Neal, Isaac Rodriguez

The Honor Council also chose to recognize the Library Services staff (Ana Alvarez, Isaac Benavidez, Evelyn Chantani, Fariba Dinaali, Teresa Huber, Myron Kabwe and Joseph Metzger) for their team effort as essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.