Honor Council

Honor Council Responsibilities


The Santa Monica College Honor Council has been created to oversee our Honor Code and has the following responsibilities and authority:
  1. To advise and confer with faculty members, administrators, staff, and students on matters pertaining to academic integrity;

  2. To create and conduct educational programming designed to promote academic integrity;

  3. To establish operational procedures in consultation with the Joint Academic Senate Student Affairs Committee and the supervising administrator;

  4. To collect and disseminate statistics pertaining to Honor Code violations;

  5. To issue an annual report to the Joint Academic Senate Student Affairs Committee and campus community on academic integrity standards, policies, and procedures, including recommendations for appropriate changes.

  6. Other responsibilities as agreed upon with the Joint Academic Senate Student Affairs Committee.

  7. To uphold students accused of violating the Honor Code rights to due process via the implementation of an Honor Council Hearing Board.

  8. The Honor Code relies upon the definitions of academic dishonest behaviors stipulated in Administrative Regulation 4411-Code of Academic Conduct-Section 3.

  9. To appoint from its members three faculty and three students to an Honor Council Hearing Board to adjudicate cases of alleged violations of the Honor Code. The Hearing Board will be chaired by an academic administrator appointed by the Superintendent/ President (or designee).