District Planning Policies

2017 Strategic Planning Workgroups


Strategic Planning Briefing 

Student Success/Equity Workgroup

Strategic Planning Task Force Members (SPTF) - * denotes co-liaisons

Georgia Lorenz – Admin: VP Academic Affairs *

Mitra Moasessi – Faculty: Chair Math *

Kennesha Green – Classified: DSPS

Terrance Ware – Student: President, Associated Students

Resource Members

Jason Beardsley – Faculty: Chair English, Chair Student Instructional Support Committee

Brenda Benson – Admin: Sr. Administrative Dean, Counseling, Retention & Student Wellness

Sherri Bradford- Faculty, Counselor (Black Collegians)

Frank Dawson – Admin: Associate Dean, Career Technical Education

Nate Donahue – Faculty: Art History, Academic Senate President-Elect

Chris Gibson – Classified: Institutional Research

Jamar London – Faculty: Math

Maria Martinez – Faculty: Counselor (Adelante)

Walther Perez – Student

Jazzmin Sarden – Student

Mark Tomasic – Faculty: Dance, Chair Equity and Diversity Committee

Esau Tovar – Admin: Dean, Enrollment Services (responsibility for SSSP grant)

Integrated Planning Workgroup

Strategic Planning Task Force Members (SPTF) - * denotes co-liaisons

Teresita Rodriguez – Admin: VP Enrollment Development

Howard Stahl – Faculty: CSIS Faculty, chair DPAC budget committee *

Fran Chandler – Faculty: Business, President Academic Senate

Laura Zwicker – Student: Student Trustee *

Resource Members

Vicki Drake - Faculty: Earth Science, Chair Program Review Committee

Matt Hotsinpiller - Faculty: English,

Eleni Hioureas – Faculty: vice-chair English, co-editor Accreditation

Bob Isomoto – VP, Business/Administration

Hannah Lawler - Dean, Institutional Research

Erica LeBlanc – Dean, Academic Affairs,

Laurie McQuay-Peninger – Associate Dean, Grants

Elisa Meyer – English, Chair Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Lee Peterson – Classified: student computer lab

Lisa Rose – Co-Ordinator, District/Board of Trustees Office – District planning historian, archivist, and documentarian 

MikeTuitasi – VP, Student Services

Sal Veas – Faculty: Chair Business

Organizational Structure Workgroup

Strategic Planning Task Force Members (SPTF) - * denotes co-liaisons

Katharine Muller – Admin, Special Asst to President,

Chris Bonvenuto – Admin, Chief Director Business Services, President Mgt Assoc *

Peter Morse – Faculty: Physics, President Faculty Association *

Connie Lemke – CSEA

Resources Members

Garan Baghdasarian – Faculty: Life Science

Greg Brookins – Faculty: Accounting

Dane Cruz - Student

Orlando Gonzalez - Student

Deyna Hearn – Admin: Dean of Students

Sherri Lee-Lewis – Admin: Dean, Human Resources

Laura Manson – Faculty, Chair ECE

Mario Martinez – Faculty: Math

Jenny Merlic – Admin: Dean of Instruction

Jenny Resnick – Faculty: Accounting

Martha Romano – Classified: Veterans Success Center, VP, CSEA

Marcy Wade – VP Human Resources