District Planning Policies

DPAC Members and Reports


2022-2023  DPAC Members

  • Michael Tuitasi, Administration, Chair

  • Jamar London, Academic Senate President, Vice-Chair
  • Jason Beardsley Administration

  • Chris Bonvenuto, Management Association Representative

  • Dione Carter, Management Association Representative

  • Stephanie Amerian, Academic Senate Representative

  • Peter Morse, Faculty Association President

  • Elaine Roque, Faculty Association Representative

  • Cindy Ordaz, CSEA Representative

  • Martha Romano, CSEA Representative

  • Kamiko Greenwood, Associated Students President
  • Francis Yang, Associated Students Representative

Lisa Rose, DPAC Coordinator

For an archived list of committee members and resource liaisons, please view the Annual Reports on the Meeting Schedules and Documents page.

DPAC Subcommittee Members

2017-2022 Strategic Planning and Facilitation Report

Annual Action Plans

2022-2023 Annual Action Plans
Year End Report on 2022-2023 Annual Action Plans

2021-2022 Annual Action Plans
Year End Report on 2021-2022 Annual Actions Plans

2020-2021 Annual Action Plans
Year End Report on 2020-2021 Annual Action Plans

2019-2020 Annual Action Plans
Year End Report on 2019-2020 Annual Action Plans

2018-2019 Annual Strategic Planning Report

DPAC Annual Reports