Human Resources Planning Subcommittee



Administration Representatives

Wendi DeMorst
Tre'Shawn Hall-Baker, Co-chair

Management Representatives

Stacy Neal
Carol Long

Academic Senate Representatives

Jason Beardsley
Ian Colmer

Faculty Association Representatives

Kymberlyn McBride, Co-chair
Michael Strathearn

CSEA Representatives

Leyla Arenas
Lina Ladyzhenskaya
Olga Vasquez

Student Representatives 2017-2018

Alexis Ingrassia
Hailey Roknipour

Meetings: Fourth Tuesdays, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. in Library Conference Room 275

Duties of the Human Resources Planning Subcommittee

  • Review data and practices as they relate to staffing needs, recruitment, hiring, and retention of employees so to inform human resources planning.

  • Monitor trends in equity and diversity in order to include findings in human resources discussions.

  • Review mandated training requirements and their delivery and effectiveness.

  • Review Board Policies and Administrative Regulations pertaining to all faculty and classified staff.

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HR Planning Subcommittee Meetings