Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

Compensation Equity


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Santa Monica College is committed to “vigorous equal employment opportunity in all aspects of its academic and classified employment programs, including recruitment, selection, assignment, retention, promotion, and transfer.”

SMC Board Policy

Compensation at Santa Monica College

Compensation at SMC includes a salary and a benefits package.

Offered to all full-time employees and their eligible dependents, the benefits package includes a health plan fully paid for by the District, a dental plan, vision plan, and a life insurance plan.

See Health & Benefits for additional information on health plans and other voluntary benefits.

Santa Monica College Employee Groups & Salary Schedules

Santa Monica College staff and faculty fall into distinct employee groups. Salary Schedules for each group may be accessed by clicking on each of the following groups:

Academic Administrators

Classified Managers & Supervisors and Confidential Support Staff

Classified Support Staff

Full-time Faculty

Police Officers​

Salary Schedules for all employee groups may be found online at:

SMC Salary Schedules


Salary and compensation is the result of collective bargaining with separate unions representing the following employee groups:

Classified School Employees Association-Local 36 (CSEA)

Article 11 Wages

11.2. Initial Placement. 11.2.1: All new employees shall be appointed at the hiring rate for the class as approved by the District. The hiring rate shall be the first step of the schedule. A hiring step higher than the first step may be set in accordance with the Merit Rules, which shall be applied fairly and consistently. The District, in consultation with CSEA, shall develop a form to document the granting or denial of a request for advanced salary placement.”

11.3 Step Advancement

11.4 Salary on Promotion

Agreement Between Santa Monica Community College District & California School Employees Association - Chapter 36

Santa Monica College Faculty Association (SMCFA)

Article 8: Salary and Placement.

8.2 “Initial group and step placement on the appropriate salary schedule shall be based on professional experience and training as determined in accordance with Appendices C-1, C-s and C-3.”

8.3 “Step and group movement shall be determined in accordance with Appendix D.”

Agreement Between Santa Monica College Faculty Association and Santa Monica Community College District (2013-2016)

Santa Monica College Police Officers’ Association (SMCPOA)

Article 11 Wages

11.1: Application of Salary Schedule

11.2: Initial Placement

11.3: Step Advancement

Agreement Between Santa Monica Community College District and Santa Monica College Police Officers Association