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Disability Inclusion


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Not all disabilities are obvious. Disabilities may be physical, emotional or mental. The law protects individuals with disabilities, regardless of the source or expression of the disability.

Disability inclusion is everyone’s responsibility. Please take a moment to watch the video, “Disability Inclusion Starts With You”.


Not every disability is Visible.

To self-identify as an individual with disability, please click on the Self-Identification Form. Complete it and return it to the Office of Human Resources.

Note: SMC is in the process of revising and renumbering Board Policies. See Board Policies for up to date information.

Administrative Regulation 4115, Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities outlines the process resulting in a request for academic adjustment. For more information on disability resources, see SMC Polices and Regulations

ADA Section 504 Compliance Officer – for questions regarding campus-wide compliance issues including reasonable accommodation, contact Eric Oifer, Ph.D.-310-434-8912 or oifer_eric@smc.edu