Health & Benefit Plans

Benefits Committee


The College-wide Benefits Committee was established in January 2005 by a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") between the District, Faculty Association and CSEA Chapter 36. The committee is composed of 9 voting members and one or more resource people.

"Three members will be selected from the three constituent groups: the Faculty Association, CSEA, administration. Each constituent group selects their representatives. Each member has one vote; the resource person(s) has no voting privilege." (from MOU dated 01.11.2005)

For more information see the following:

Agreement between Santa Monica College Faculty Association & SMCCD, Article 10.17: Benefits

Agreement between SMCCD & California School Employees Association-Chapter 36, Article 12.11: Health & Welfare Benefits


The role of the committee is to contain the District's health benefits program while maintaining the quality of the benefits available to the employees, retirees, and eligible dependents.


The Committee generally meets once a month during the academic year. (Minutes of Benefit Committee Meetings are posted upon approval by the Committee of the Minutes.)