Health & Benefit Plans

Santa Monica Community College District - Open Enrollment


2023 Health Benefits Open Enrollment Ended on October 13, 2023, at 5 p.m.

Next Open Enrollment Period: Health benefits open enrollment for the following employee groups listed below is held annually during the Fall Semester:

  • Academic Administrators
  • Board of Trustees
  • Classified Employees
  • Classified Managers
  • Confidential Employees
  • Full-time Faculty
  • Personnel Commissioners
  • Police Officers
  • Project Managers

If an employee has a Mid-Year Life Event Change as listed below, please contact the Office of Human Resources for benefits eligibility and enrollment information:

  • Change In Legal Marital Status:
    Marriage, divorce, death of spouse, legal separation, and annulment.

  • Change In The Number Of Tax Dependents:
    Birth, adoption, placement for adoption, and death of a dependent.

  • Change In Employment Status Of The Employee, Employee’s Spouse or Employee’s Dependent(s):
    Termination or commencement of employment, strike or lockout, commencement of, or return from an unpaid leave of absence, a switch between part-time and full-time employment, or a change in worksite.

  • Dependent Satisfies (or ceases to satisfy) Dependent Eligibility Requirements:
    Due to attainment of limiting age under the insurance plan, gain or loss of student status, marriage or any similar circumstance.

  • Residence Change Of The Employee, Employee’s Spouse, or Employee’s Dependent(s):
    Only allowable if the change in residence affects the employee’s eligibility for coverage.

  • Loss Of Other Coverage:
    Change in coverage of the employee or spouse/dependent under another employer's or individual plan.

  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources:

Alysha DeLuna, Employee Benefits Coordinator - 310-434-4523 /

Lugina Rogers, HR Analyst-Leaves & Benefits - 310-434-4060 /