New Hire - Non-Merit Personnel


In order to expedite your employment processing, please download and print the required District forms below. Please bring the completed forms with you to your scheduled employment processing appointment. During the appointment, your Human Resources representative will also discuss other requirements with you, including fingerprinting and the fingerprint processing fee, your salary and retirement options, if applicable.

Clicking on the name of the form, below, will open the document. Please follow the instructions for each document.

Forms and Instructions

Form Name Instructions
W-4 Federal Tax Form

DE-4 State Tax Form

Please complete both forms so that the District can withhold the correct federal and state income tax from your pay.

I-9 (Employment Eligibility)

Instructions: The I-9 link will direct you to a page with the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form, instructions for completing it, as well as the form and instructions in Spanish


Please complete Section One (1) ONLY and sign the form. Bring appropriate identification with you to your employment processing appointment.

Federal law requires that you submit:

  • one (1) items from list A OR
  • two (2) items: one (1) from list B AND one (1) from list C
Direct Deposit Authorization

If you wish to have your paycheck electronically deposited into your bank account, please attach a voided check, complete and sign this form.

EEO Survey

The information on this optional survey is requested for statistical purposes only, allowing the District to measure it's diversity efforts.

Emergency Card

Please tell us who you want the District to contact in case of an emergency.

Employee Personal Information Option Form

Please opt out or opt in to grant release of your personal information, if requested.

Mandated Reporter Status

Mandated  Reporter Information & Acknowlegement of Receipt of Information

California law requires certain persons to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. These individuals are known under the law as “mandated reporters.” California Penal Code § 11166.5(a) requires that all mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect sign an acknowledgement of their legal duties and that the university retain it. Further, it requires that all mandated reporters be provided with the Penal Code provisions.

Instructions: Please review the attached information on the following documents:

Instructions: Please read the Acknowledgement Form found below; print your name, sign and date the form where indicated on the bottom of the form.

Oath of Allegiance

The State of California mandates that you read and sign this form.

Pre-Designation of Personal Physician Form

If you are injured on the job, you have the right to be treated by your personal physician if you complete and submit this form. Your physician must agree. Otherwise, you will be treated by the District's designated workers' compensation medical provider. Please choose an option.

Warrant Recipient Designation

Please designate the recipient of your last paycheck in the event of your demise.

Other relevant policies and handouts can be accessed by clicking on the name of the policy or document below. Please review them prior to your scheduled appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Office of Human Resources at 310-434-4415.

Policies and Handouts


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