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The Personnel Commission establishes and implements classification policies, procedures and guidelines to maintain a classification structure for the classified (non-academic) jobs across the College based on the principle of “like pay for like service.”

To accomplish this, we:

  • Establish, revise or eliminate classifications of work in accordance with California law, merit rules, District policies and procedures, and bargaining unit agreements.
  • Review requests for position studies for permanent reclassification of positions or temporary working out of class pay.
  • Perform audits to ensure Departments are properly interpreting and applying classification descriptions.
  • Conduct labor market research and analyze trends related to job structure and pay.
  • Partner with District leadership and bargaining unit representatives to maintain a standardized and equitable classification framework.
  • Interpret and communicate merit rules and relevant laws and regulations to stakeholders.
  • Present recommendations to the Personnel Commission for approval.

The Classification Review Process or The Cyclical Review Process

The role of the Personnel Commission is to study all classified positions and maintain a classification plan for all positions in the classified service on the basis of “like pay for like service.” 

The PDQ is a form of job documentation used to gather information from the incumbent in a particular job. It is the primary source of input requested from employees during the cyclical review of job descriptions and reclassification requests. The questionnaire is not used to evaluate performance, but rather to understand the essential duties, responsibilities, knowledge, and abilities related to the job. The incumbent in the job is the job content expert and their input is critical to the job analysis process.   

The Reclassification Experience 

Requests for reclassification of an existing position may be initiated by a manager, the incumbent, or the collective bargaining unit representing employees in positions in the subject classification may initiate a request by completing the Request for Reclassification Form.

Requests for reclassification should be submitted when gradual accretion of duties occurs over two or more years of regular service, and the change impacts a substantial portion of the duties and responsibilities of the incumbent.

There are several possible outcomes to a reclassification study. Personnel Commission staff may determine that: The employee is in the correct job classification. The employee should be reclassified into a job classification which pays the same, more, or less than the current job classification. A new job classification needs to be created, and a salary study conducted to set the salary of the new job classification appropriately. The salary for the new job classification may be the same, more, or less than the employee’s current classification.

“The basis for reclassification of the position shall be a gradual accretion of duties and not a sudden change occasioned by a reorganization or the assignment of completely new duties and responsibilities.” California Education Code 88104

At least two years must elapse before another request for reclassification can be initiated for the same position. Please contact the Commission office for more details about the reclassification process.

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