Classification & Compensation


The Personnel Commission establishes and implements classification policies, procedures and guidelines to maintain a classification structure for the classified (non-academic) jobs across the College based on the principle of “like pay for like service.”

To accomplish this, we:

  • Establish, revise or eliminate classifications of work in accordance with California law, merit rules, District policies and procedures, and bargaining unit agreements.
  • Review requests for position studies for permanent reclassification of positions or temporary working out of class pay.
  • Perform audits to ensure Departments are properly interpreting and applying classification descriptions.
  • Conduct labor market research and analyze trends related to job structure and pay.
  • Partner with District leadership and bargaining unit representatives to maintain a standardized and equitable classification framework.
  • Interpret and communicate merit rules and relevant laws and regulations to stakeholders.
  • Present recommendations to the Personnel Commission for approval.

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