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Recruitment Opportunities

Although many of our opportunities are available to both current SMC employees and individuals from outside the College, some recruitments are conducted on a “promotional” basis. Click on the appropriate link below to see which job opportunities are available to you!

Promotional - The selection of an employee through a competitive selection process into a vacant position in a different classification with a higher salary range, including a higher maximum salary rate.

Promotional and Open to the Public - Opportunities available to both current, permanent and temporary SMC employees, and prospective applicants from outside SMC.

Temporary Assignments provide a great way to showcase your professional skills and assist Santa Monica College while gaining valuable work experience within higher education. Temporary employees may be assigned on an interim basis to cover for a regular employee who is out on leave, to offer additional assistance during periods of abnormal or peak workloads, to assist in special projects, or to perform seasonal work. All Current Openings may include opportunities for both permanent and temporary assignments.

Transfer Opportunities

Transfer opportunities are available for current, permanent SMC employees who have passed their probationary period. Transfer opportunities allow current employees to broaden their experience by working in different locations on campus within their current job or exploring career paths in other fields through lateral transfers or voluntary demotions. Keep reading for additional details about the different types of transfer and other opportunities available. 

Position Transfer - The transfer of an employee into a vacant position within the employee's same classification which results in a change in department or change in supervisor.  Note: Employees can use the transfer process to apply for a shift change (CSEA CBA, Article 6, 6.1.1).

Lateral Transfer - The selection of an employee to a vacant position in a similar or related classification with the same or lower salary range (selected employee must service a probationary period in the new class). 

Voluntary Demotion - An action initiated by the employee that results in a change in their assignment to a position in a different, but related classification which is allocated to a lower salary range.


Eligibility Lists

Once a candidate passes all test parts, their name is added to an “eligibility list”.  Names are rank ordered from highest to lowest, based on each candidate’s overall score (for more details about how candidates are hired from an eligibility list, visit our FAQ page under “Job Applicants”. Please see below for a list of classifications that have active eligibility lists.

List Name Expiration Date
AAI 2022 Eligibility List 8/5/2023
AAII 2022 EXTERNAL 7/5/2023
AAII 2022 PROMO 7/5/2023
Academic Records Evaluator 2023 1/5/2024
Accompanist-Music Performance 8/24/23 8/24/2023
Accountant 7/3/2023
Accounting Manager 2022 (PROMOTIONAL) 7/18/2023
Accounting Manager-Foundation 1/10/2024
Accounting Specialist Eligibility List 2022 6/9/2023
Accounting Technician (Promo Only) 7/4/2023
Associate Programmer Analyst 6/30/2023
Basic Needs Project Assistant 3/5/2024 3/5/2024
Campus Safety Officer 22-2 12/8/2023
Carpenter 2022 7/12/2023
Community College Police Captain 7/25/2023
Community College Police Dispatcher 2022-10 1/31/2024
Cosmetology Assistant 8/17/2023
Costume Designer 2023 1/2/2024
Custodian 2022 10/24/2023
Director of Marketing & Communications (2022) 6/15/2023
Enrollment Services Specialist (22/23) 10/5/2023
Enrollment Services Specialist (PROMO) 3/14/2023
Enterprise Business Services Clerk (External List) 8/8/2023
Enterprise Business Services Clerk (PROMO LIST) 8/8/2023
EOPS Specialist (PROMO 2023) 8/31/2023
Grounds Supervisor (Promo) 5/28/23 5/8/2023
Grounds Worker 7/27/2023
Health Assistant 7/10/2023 7/10/2023
HVAC Mechanic 2022 11/14/2023
Instructional Assistant-English 4/18/23 4/18/2023
Instructional Assistant-Math 6/23/23 6/23/2023
International Student Services Specialist 2023 1/4/2024
Lab Tech-Broadcast Digital Media  5/23/2023
Lab Tech-Life Science  1/3/24 1/3/2024
Lead Custodian Promo 2022 8/1/2023
Lead Receiving, Stockroom, and Delivery Worker 9/16/2023
Lead Theater Technician 2022 7/18/2023
Library Assistant 2022 9/8/2023
Mail Services Worker II 2/15/2024
Outreach & Recruitment Specialist (2022) 10/20/2023
Outreach & Recruitment Specialist (PROMO 2022) 10/20/2023
Recycling Program Specialist 2022 12/12/2023

Research & Planning Analyst (LT) 4/3/23

SCT-Sound22 3/28/2023
Senior Academic Records Evaluator 2022 (PROMO) 7/27/2023
Stage Construction Technician-Lighting (2022) 6/30/2023
Student Services Assistant (PROMO) 7/12/2023
Student Services Assistant 6/8/2023 6/8/2023
Student Services Assistant PROMO 7/12/2023 7/12/2023
Student Services Clerk 6/8/2023 6/8/2023
Student Services Clerk PROMO 6/8/2023 6/8/2023
Web Services Coordinator 2022 8/17/2023


Infographic on process of voluntary transfers and/or demotions.