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Meet with a PC Coach via Zoom to get support in navigating Personnel Commission processes related to hiring, promoting, position reviews, job descriptions, and more! Drop in sessions are available every Tuesday from 11AM to 12PM on a first come, first served basis.  If you experience any difficulty connecting with a Coach, please call the Personnel Commission Office for assistance at (310) 434-4410. 

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Our PC team specializes in the areas of employee recruitment, pre-employment testing, job classification, and compensation analysis for all non-academic temporary and permanent jobs throughout the College.  

We have dedicated PC Coaches who are committed to supporting College leaders as you navigate Commission processes to manage the College’s workforce effectively. Here you will find useful guides, resources and forms to facilitate your talent management efforts.  Additional resources are also available on the Human Resources website. 

We recognize the challenges you are likely facing during this time.

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How to Fill a Position

Depending on your operational needs, you may be considering either a temporary assignment or a permanent position. Whether the position is temporary or permanent, you also have the option of limiting your search to candidates from within SMC, or recruiting from outside of the college. The hiring processes may differ, depending on whether the position is permanent or temporary, and whether the candidates come from within or outside of SMC.  This decision will also impact the amount of budget augmentation needed.

Change In Duties

It is the immediate supervisor’s responsibility to maintain the employee’s duties and responsibilities consistent with the employee’s assigned classification. Managers must report any substantial change in duties to the Personnel Commission prior to assigning the work to an employee.

If there are any substantial changes in nature of work or level of responsibility for a job you are managing, you will find the following sections helpful. Next steps will depend on whether the change is temporary or permanent, and whether we have an existing job that will meet your operational needs.


Temporary Change in Job Duties

If an employee is assigned work that is at a higher level of responsibility for any period of time that exceeds five working days within a fifteen-day calendar period, the supervisor is required to submit a request for Working Out of Class (WOC) pay for that employee.


Types of Temporary Assignments and Time Restrictions for Classified Non-Management Jobs

There are time limits associated with temporary assignments. See the chart below for a comparison of assignments and time limitations for non-management roles.

Note: Some extensions may be available with provisional working out of class assignments for classified management and confidential positions, if a recruitment is in process, or at the start of a new fiscal year.

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Change in Duties Request Form

Request to fill a Temporary Assignment Flow Chart

The Cyclical Review Process

Additional Information

Temporary Classified Assignments

Cyclical Study Overview

Job Classification Plan