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Faculty Professional Development


Faculty Professional Development Funding

Guidelines for Professional Development Conference Request for Faculty


  • PDC Conference Request Applications are currently accepting IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL attendance
  • Full-time adjunct faculty and counselors may apply for PDC Conference Requests.
  • To ensure a greater distribution of funds, SMC full-time faculty are eligible may apply once per academic year for up to $1,100.00 of professional development funding for conferences or other professional development activities, and adjunct faculty are eligible for $1,300.00.
  • Funds will be allotted on a first-come, first served basis. Once the PDC Conference Request funds are depleted, applications will not be accepted until the next fiscal year.
  • The PDC is an Academic Senate Joint Committee that only meets during the fall and spring semester and does not meet during the intersessions. The PDC can receive conference funding applications dated before the start of the academic year, but since the committee does not officially meet until the fall semester, we cannot guarantee that applications will be reviewed or approved during the summer months.

Procedure to Request Funding

Please read the form carefully to be sure that your proposed activity meets the guidelines established in AB1725. The application requires the approval of five signatures in total: the Department Chair, Vice President of Academic Affairs, PDC Chair, Vice President Human Resources, and the President/Superintendent. Therefore, we ask that the form be turned in at least 30 days in advance of the event.

    • Reimbursement requests must be accompanied with original detailed receipts.  Gratuities will be reimbursed at a maximum rate of 15%.  
    • Submit the claim form with original itemized receipts to Accounts Payable ( for all reimbursement items. The subject line of the email requesting reimbursement should read: “PDC Reimbursement Request.”

Online Flex Reporting

What is Flex and why do we need to track participation?

Flex activities are professional development activities for faculty. California legislation and SMC's Faculty contract mandate that faculty participate in flex activities as part of the compressed academic calendar. SMC's Human Resources department is responsible for reporting faculty participation to Academic Affairs and Payroll. The State of California conducts audits of our flex tracking documentation.

Report Flex hours and activities to mProfessor

Full-Time Faculty

  • 2 institutional flex days @ 6 hours each +
  • 3 departmental flex days @ 6 hours each +
  • 24 individual flex hours = 54 hours per year
    • And, one additional hour per semester for each hour of overload assignment.

Part-Time Faculty

  • One hour per semester for each weekly hour of teaching assignment.
    • i.e. Teaching 9 hours per week requires 9 hours per semester of flex per semester.
  • Part-time faculty may fulfill personal flex commitments during any semester or for remote conversion stipend-eligible work.
    • *Non-credit part-time instructors are not required to complete flex obligations

Additional Information on Faculty Flex

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