Police Officers Association (POA) Educational Pay Differential Program


Educational Pay Differential opportunities include obtaining Intermediate and Advance POST Certificates, Associate in Arts/Science Degrees, Bachelor of Arts/Science Degrees, Master of Arts/Science Degrees, an Educational Certificate and/or a Professional License in a job related field. District - POA Bargaining Agreement, Article 11.10

Follow guidelines below to determine your eligibility and potential differential percentage.

Educational Pay Differential Guidelines

  • The employee must be a permanent employee

  • The employee must have a satisfactory evaluation

  • At least one-half of the educational training must be completed during the current employment of the employee and must be above and beyond the certificate, degree, or license requirement(s) which are all or part of the training and experience of the employee's present position

  • The certificate or degree must be granted by an institution approved by the American Council on Education

  • An authorized licensing board of the State of California must grant the professional license.

  • In the case of a certificate or professional license, the educational training must directly relate to the employee's job definition as described in the job specification

If you meet all of the applicable criteria, please submit:

  1. A completed POA Educational Pay Differential Form and;

  2. Proof of completion of degree, license, or certificate including:
    • An official transcript for degree programs;
    • An official transcript with the number of semester units or quarter units and the accrediting/licensing agency for certificate and professional licensing programs;
    • Copy of Intermediate or Advanced POST certificate.

Deadline to submit these materials to Human Resources for approval and verification is
October 1


Request for Educational Pay Differential

POA Educational Pay Differential Form

For additional information or for answers to any questions, please contact:

Office of Human Resources