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SB 1343 Training Webinars


SB 1343 Mandatory Harassment Prevention Training for Non-Supervisors

California has passed legislation known as SB 1343 mandating workplace harassment training for all nonsupervisory employees. This is a great time to complete this requirement, and we are now offering an interactive Zoom version of the training on a monthly basis.

This training will cover sexual harassment, abusive conduct, other emerging issues, and your rights! While you can still fulfill this requirement on-line through Keenan SafeColleges, if you have not completed this training, then here is your opportunity to fulfill your obligation with an opportunity to ask questions you may have in real time.

Additional Information

SB 1343 - Harassment Training for Non-Supervisory Personnel

SB 778 - Harassment Training for Supervisory Personnel


For additional information or questions regarding SB 1343 training, contact the Office of Human Resources:

  • 310-434-4991