Technology & Development


Technology & Development
Media & Reprographic Services is committed to providing our campus with innovations through technology. In this technological age, we often experience rapid changes in hardware & software and we’re always challenged to stay current with changes. This condition is aptly called being technology driven. However, our focus is always on meeting the needs of our instructional and administrative clients with the appropriate use of new technology. This condition is what we would consider being customer driven. In order to balance technology changes and institutional needs, we are very proactive in incorporating new technological applications by developing prototypes and pilot programs. With the implementation and analysis of our test trials, we always seek to create the best technical and human match for our clients.

Some examples of this process are the requisite advanced SMART classrooms developed for Bundy 119, 121, 414, 415, 416 (General Ed), Business 106 & 254 (Business & Accounting), Business 143B & 143C (Cosmetology), HSS 165 (Film Studies & General Ed), and Science 140 & 145 (Physical & Life Sciences).

Our methodology for developing prototypes and pilots is essentially a three-step process:

  1. Thorough research of technologies with an emphasis on user friendliness and reliability.
  2. Project design and planning that ensures adequate testing by instructors with ongoing feedback channels. Ability to later standardize the process for scalability.
  3. Target audience evaluation of all prototypes & pilots with study recommendations forwarded to appropriate Academic Affairs Administrators and Information Technology Managers/Administrators, for adoption, termination or further testing.

To date, we have had good success in using this methodology to discover beneficial technologies that offer our college lasting value for the instructional program. Once adopted, procedures and techniques are standardized and our media team is formally trained to support faculty in how to use the technology.