How to Add Calendar Events


This guide is for the SMC website calendar.

Video: Web Calendar Training

Learn how to add events on the calendar tool on the new website.

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Calendar is for Student Events

  • Calendar is for SMC student events only.
  • If you'd like to post staff or faculty only events, please contact the Web and Social Media Office.

Submit or Add Events

Note: Events with physical locations and requiring staff support must be approved by Facilities Programming before posting on the calendar.

Two options:

  • Submit an event form
    • Please prep an image for your event, and include a link to a photo stored/and shared on OneDrive. Image should be cropped at a 16:9 racio and sized at 480 x 270 px.
  • Request access by emailing
    • Login at the top of the Omni CMS, go to Add-Ons > Calendar.

How to Upload Images

  1. When you create an event, the third field is Image URL. This means you need to add the link for the image.
  2. To add an image:
    1. Make sure image is 480 x 270 pixels in 96 pixel web resolution. If you submitted a marketing request, graphic designers will provide in this size.
      • You can Edit > Image. See Images Instructions.
        • Resize > Save or
        • Crop > 16:9 > Apply Crop > Save
      • You can also make sure it's the right size in Preview, Photo Editor, Photoshop, or other photo editing software.
  3. Place the image in a images > calendar category folder. You can drag and drop or click Upload.
  4. Check the box next to the image and click Publish.
  • Get the Image URL by:
    1. Clicking Production on the right end of the grey bar below the green Publish button.
    2. Hover over the image and click View. A new window opens.
    3. Copy URL and place into Image URL field mentioned in step #1.

How to Submit More Than One Event

Multiple events can be added to the calendar at the same time. Please use the template below and send to

How to Add Calendar Display on Your Website

Example: Planetarium Events

Benefits of this Calendar Module

  • Add events to personal calendar.
  • Filter events by category.
  • Showcase specific categories on specific websites. Example: Feature planetarium events on the planetarium website.
  • Can serve as master calendar!

Online Transition for Events

To explore options for non-instructional events, email Facilities Programming at