Social Media Guide


Social media is an engaging way to help students and others get to know Santa Monica College and gain an insider's perspective on the college's community, classes, programs, events, and other activities.

Getting Started

The SMC Web and Social Media Office provides technical and informational support for the college’s affiliated social media sites. If you have questions about how to format and add new content to a site, how to edit or update content on a site, or other topics about managing and maintaining a site, please contact Interim Director of Web and Social Media Strategy Paul Trautwein to request help with a specific topic or to schedule a friendly and informative online tutorial. 

Content Guidelines

People visit social media sites to interact with other people. Engaging with your site's members will keep them coming back, so welcome new audience members, respond to comments, and wherever possible, provide brief, but useful information or a link to more extensive details.

As a member of the SMC community, you are personally responsible for what you post.

Check your sources, facts, grammar and spelling, etc., before posting content. Your social media audience expects you to be responsible in presenting accurate information related to SMC. If you make an error, correct it quickly and visibly, which will earn you respect in the online community.