Create videos with accessibility, marketing, and security in mind.

Video Requirements for Website

All new videos posted on the SMC website must be accessible to people with disabilities with:

  • Properly formatted captions
  • Descriptive audio 
  • Transcripts upon request
  • Posting on SMC YouTube channel to be embedded.

Captioning Tips

Create videos with accessibility, marketing, and security in mind.

How to Start a Channel

In consultation with the IT department's information systems security officer, this is the process for following SMC’s security practices for posting videos under the SMC name.

Video Editing Tips

  • Include the SMC logo in the start and end titles. See Logos.
  • Add an URL and/or call to action in the end title.
  • Make sure you have students' permissions to comply with FERPA.
  • More: 13 Best Video Editing Tips for Beginners

How to Add a Video

  1. On the toolbar, select Insert Component.
  2. Choose Video with Caption.
  3. Add Video Poster Image (aka thumbnail) in this size: 640 x 360 px.
  4. Make sure to place the image in the current website folder’s images folder.
  5. Then publish this image. You may need to go to the images folder to Publish.
  6. Add Poster Alt Text. This can be the video title.
  7. For Video, click and then click the video icon. This is also called Insert/edit media.
  8. A new windows open. Click Embed and copy the embed code from YouTube (instructions). Click Save.
  9. For Section Background Image, select an image from images > backgrounds. Click Insert.
  10. Click Save. Then click Save and Publish for the page.