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Web Request Timeline

  • Simple Text Edits: Allow 1-3 business days
  • Documents: Allow 3-7 days, depends on accessibility issues
  • Graphic/Video Updates: Allow 2-5 days
  • New Pages/Websites: Allow 1-3 weeks, depending on complexity and prior scheduling.

Requirements for Requests

  • Text must follow Web Writing Guide.
  • Documents, graphics, and videos must be accessible,
  • Images and graphics must:
    • Follow Web Style Guide
    • Be at least 825 pixels wide, 96 pixels in resolution
    • Have less than 20% text


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Web Request Form

Note: Please contact the IT Department if you need help with your personal Faculty Homepage.
Note: Please use the Calendar Event Submission Form if this is a request for the SMC Calendar.

Short summary of the project.
Provide a detailed description of your request

Upload your support file - image, or content.
If your file is larger than 1 mb, or if you have more than one file, please upload your file(s) to a OneDrive location and share it with us.
Upload your files to this location and share it with us.
Provide sufficient time to complete request: 3-5 days is helpful.