Ombudsperson Role


At Santa Monica College, the Ombudsperson:

  • Listens to your concern.

  • Explains campus policies.

  • Explains the grade appeal process.

  • Acts as a neutral resource between student and faculty member.

  • Facilitates communication between and among individuals.

  • Counsels faculty to minimize potential conflict.

  • Coach students on how to talk to faculty and staff.

  • Offers information on grade appeal prevention to students and faculty.

  • Refers individuals to others as appropriate.

  • Acts as an informal resource to students, faculty, and staff.

  • Keeps information confidential except as required by law.

At Santa Monica College, the Ombudsperson does not:

  • Change grades.

  • Change policies.

  • Take sides, but rather tries to bring harmony between differing points of view.

  • Identify individuals without permission, except as required by law.

  • Take part in formal grievance processes.