Micah Daily, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy

Micah Daily, Ph.D.

Part-time Faculty

Professor Daily has been teaching philosophy and cultural studies for 18 years. She started teaching at Santa Monica College in Spring 2019. Professor Daily teaches Knowledge and Reality, Logic and Critical Thinking, Modern Philosophy, and Ethics. Professor Daily did her undergraduate work in Philosophy, Filmmaking, and Creative Writing at Sarah Lawrence College and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York City. She lives a happy life with her two doggies, Lily and Charlotte!

Specialty Areas

  • Kantian and Modern Moral Philosophy
  • Hyper-Polarization in Contemporary Political/Social Discourse
  • Philosophy Applied to Everyday Experience to Achieve Lasting Happiness
  • History of Philosophy


Teaching Philosophy/Equity Statement

Professor Daily works to foster an inclusive classroom environment in which disparate voices and viewpoints are listened to, respected, and encouraged. Her teaching method includes the use of humor as a way of putting students at ease as they wrestle with challenging issues and questions. Professor Daily helps students to develop a solid base of philosophical knowledge from which they can evaluate and deconstruct course topics. Her goal is to provide students with analytical tools that will serve them well in the increasingly complex and contentious world that lies beyond the classroom.