Brandon J. Reilly

Brandon J. Reilly


Brandon J. Reilly teaches East Asian, Southeast Asian, US, and world history. He received his Ph.D. in Southeast Asian history from UCLA. He is a member of the Ethnic Studies Task Force, the Global Citizenship Committee, and previously the Curriculum Committee. He has served as faculty advisor to BURSA (Burmese Student Association), LINK (Liberty in North Korea), the Filipino Club, and the Small Gov Club. He publishes widely on the cultural history of the global Philippines and the Mariana Islands. He is currently the Treasurer of the Filipino Cultural School, a K-12 cultural educational organization in Southeast Los Angeles. More about him can be found on his personal website: He lives in Artesia, CA with his partner and two sons. 

The UCLA Center for Southeast Aian Studies completed a profile about Prof. Reilly and his work. See also the recent interview he did for the television show Your California Life for the occasion of Filipino American History Month, 2023.  


The Epochs of Epics in the Philippines: A Cultural History from the Sixteenth Century to the Twenty-First. Book manuscript in preparation. 

Tinipong Tinig ng Kababaihan (An Anthology of Women’s Voices): Priestesses to Presidents, co-edited with Nenita Pambid Domingo. Forthcoming from the University of the Philippines Press.  

Journal Articles

“The Self-Liberated Slave Periquillo Saves the Missionary Juan Pobre: Blackness, Indigeneity, and the Origins of the Black Pacific.” Essay under revision for resubmission to the Journal of Pacific History. 

Five biographical essays on E. Arsenio Manuel, forthcoming in Aghamtao 31 (2024):
  • “Manuel Unfinished, 1986-2003”
  • “Manuel and Marcos, the late 1960s-1986”
  • “Manuel Seeds the Field and Attends the University of Chicago, 1955-1960s” 
  • “Manuel Becomes an Anthropologist, 1945-55”
  • “Manuel’s Early Career to Life during the Pacific War, 1927-45”

“E. Arsenio Manuel: His Early Life and Childhood, 1909-1927.” Aghamtao 29 (2023): 149-170.  

“Oceanic Activism: A Talanoa on Land, Love, and Resistance.” Co-authored with Juliann Anesi, Alfred Peredo Flores, and Kēhaulani Vaughn. Okinawan Journal of Island Studies 4 (Mar. 2023): 156-62

“(Re)centering ‘Pacific Islanders’ in Trans-Pacific Studies: Transdisciplinary Dialogue, Critique, and Reflections from the Diaspora.” Co-authored with Juliann Anesi, Alfred P. Flores, Christen Sasaki, Kēhaulani Vaughn, and Joyce Pualani Warren. Critical Ethnic Studies 7:2 (Spring 2021).

“Reproductive Anticolonialism: Placental Politics, Weaponised Wombs, and the Power of Abjection in the Early Spanish Mariana Islands.” Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific 44 (Apr. 2020).

“Imaginable as Other: The Representation of Muslims in Zaide and Zaide's Philippine History and Government and Agoncillo's History of the Filipino People.” Mindanao Forum 24:1 (2011): 43-67.

Book Chapters

“Introduction” and “The Voice of the Baylan: Recollecting the History of a Lost Philippine Feminine Repertoire.” Book chapters in Tinipong Tinig ng Kababaihan (above). 

“Epics in the Early Spanish Philippines Revisited.” In Nicole Revel, ed., Songs of Memory in Islands of Southeast Asia (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013). Pp. 279-292.