Christine Schultz

Christine Schultz, Ph.D.

Department Chair

Professor Schultz grew up outside of Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives in the Pacific Palisades. She has two daughters, one a professor at USC and the other an interior architect. She did her undergraduate work at USC and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA. Professor Schultz authors a textbook on American Politics which is currently in its tenth edition. She also is the editor on a book of selected readings on the American Constitution, government, and politics. Professor taught for over a decade at UCLA and she has been at SMC since 1984. She has a passion for teaching and a love of politics in particular.

Course Offerings

  • Political Science 1: National and California Government

Teaching Philosophy/Equity Statement

Professor Schultz believes that each student is an individual, with his/her/their own set of goals, beliefs, life experiences, skills, and challenges. Her teaching is based, first and foremost, on kindness with every effort made to understand what a student needs in order to succeed. She is committed to doing everything possible to help students formulate and articulate their goals and provide them the tools and skills to fight for and achieve these goals. Professor Schultz admits freely that her own life experiences are limited and that her students bring a wealth of life experiences and wisdom that can and should be brought to bear on learning. In the end, teaching must involve being open to and respecting the diversity of viewpoints that students bring to their education.