Paul Terry

Paul Terry, Jr.


Paul Terry is a musician and Martial Artist who balances his time and energies between teaching while still performing and competing. He teaches the Beginner and Intermediate Guitar class at Emeritus, a Health and Fitness class, and Yang style Tai Chi classes as well. He earned his Professional degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and began performing with World Music, Pop, Rock and Jazz groups while in College and continues to perform and write music professionally and for fun.

While in college he cultivated a love for Martial Arts as a hobby and eventually came across the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and joined TCSociety.  Professor Terry earned his Instructor Certification through TCSociety after demonstrating appropriate knowledge and skill in Yang style Tai Chi.  As a contestant in the China, Cangzhou International Wushu Competition and the Sanya Nanshan World Taiji Exchange Contest, he was awarded bronze and gold medals.

He is a member of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation in Los Angeles and has been awarded Bronze and Silver medals at the Golden Dragon Championships.  Professor Terry continues to study Tai Chi, Bagua and Pigua in China through an international Martial Arts exchange group.  He also studies Bagua, Pigua, and Taiji Sword under a traditional family school with a Master and Grand Master.  Professor Terry is an avid gardener and hobby landscaper and has two young boys which he teaches music, health, Martial Arts and physical education.