John Thawley


John Thawley has been working in the commercial photography industry since 1989. After earning a BA in Speech Communication and a brief career in advertising where he says, "... going on photo shoots was the only fun I had," John worked as a freelance photo assistant and then commercial studio manager. This led to the desire to go back to school at Art Center College of Design where he earned his BFA in Commercial Photography. Throughout his career, Thawley has kept close to his life’s passion for automobiles. He claims to have used a car in every school photo assignment that even remotely offered the possibility (he drove some of his teachers nuts in the process). A self-described "Car Nut," most of his work is for the automotive and motor-sports industries. He is a regular contributor to Honda Tuning, Muscle Car Enthusiast, Sport Compact Car, Super Ford, and 5.0 Mustang magazines.

 Away from the camera and classroom, Thawley enjoys motorsports, woodworking, refurbishing old houses and using loud, dangerous power tools. He lives in Santa Ana, California with his wife, young daughter, three cats and a brown dog.