Wenise Wong

Wenise Wong

Associate Professor

Spring 2024 Semester

Chem 9 Scholars - Everyday Chemistry

Everyday Chemistry is a laboratory-requirement course designed for non-majors. Everyone who enrolls in this course can succeed!

In this course, you will learn chemistry, particularly as it relates to every day occurrences, both large-scale and small. You will also learn about sustainability, also as it relates to those same everyday occurrences, also large and small. Sustainability is the defining challenge of our times, and many of our current practices are not sustainable. So much can be understood through chemistry, and by understanding chemistry, we may be able to achieve sustainable practices.

This Chem 9 course is part of the SMC Scholars Program. The course delves into sustainability in great depth and requires a high level of involvement and critical thinking. In the online course discussion board, you will read a variety of published articles, critically analyze information and post your thoughts each week. Lab experiments will require active participation and accurate communication thoughts orally and in writing.

Off-campus site visits will include discussions about sustainability and will challenge you to tie in chemistry to the larger environment, both politically and socially. You'll research your water and electricity sources, which will require you to gather and evaluate information relevant to your household. You'll assess levels of water pollution in your household drinking water and persuade your local congressperson to take action. You'll learn about and plan an e-waste collection, and see how you can make a positive difference in your household, and in your community.

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Santa Clara University
Santa Clara University, B.S. combined sciences

UCLA, Ph. D. biochemistry
SRI International
SRI International, analytical research chemist

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