Wenise Wong

Wenise Wong

Associate Professor

Fall 2023 Semester

Chem 9 Scholars - Everyday Chemistry - on ground

Everyday Chemistry is a laboratory-requirement course designed for non-majors. Everyone who enrolls in this course can succeed!

In this course, you will learn chemistry, particularly as it relates to every day occurrences, both large-scale and small. You will also learn about sustainability, also as it relates to those same everyday occurrences, also large and small. Sustainability is the defining challenge of our times, and many of our current practices are not sustainable. So much can be understood through chemistry, and by understanding chemistry, we may be able to achieve sustainable practices.

Course Materials

Education and Background

Santa Clara University
Santa Clara University, B.S. combined sciences

UCLA, Ph. D. biochemistry
SRI International
SRI International, analytical research chemist

Courses Taught at SMC

Physical Sciences Department