Ventris Woods

Ventris Woods, Ph.D.


Professor Woods earned a Ph.D. in Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration and Liberal Arts undergraduate studies. Outside of the classroom he worked in University Admissions, taught English instruction in Taipei Taiwan. His Environmental Protection Agency Fellowship involved training content planning for a non-Native official working on Navajo and Hopi Indian reservation. His work in Youth program evaluation includes a High School first-year program in environmental research at Northern Arizona University and youth violence prevention services in Seattle and a life skills Transition program through The Community College Foundation in Los Angeles County. His travels from Turkey to Cuba and Photography studies fuels his philosophy of life.

Specialty Areas

  • American & California Governments and Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Communications and Nongovernmental Organizations

Teaching Philosophy/Equity Statement

I believe that all students are potential teachers and learners in their development as an asset where they live, work and play. My aim is to support a student’s change from potential to abilities by serving as and connecting to resources in the facilitation of change.