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Flex Day Spring 2019 Presenter Jeff Schinske

New! Equity Resource Guide

Equity and Diversity image of hands - peace, strength, and openThe Equity and Diversity Committee explores academic and professional matters concerning faculty equity and diversity practices and policies at the college. It works with appropriate campus groups to develop, recommend, and assess policies, programs, and strategies that promote equity and diversity in student success and to update the college’s equity plan.

Equity Resource Guide

*Printed copies of the Equity Resource Guide are available to borrow from The Center in M104



Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Videos.
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Classroom and Presentation Tips

Ever wish you could read your students' minds while you're giving a lesson?

You'd have an amazing ability to adjust to your classroom's needs and emotions. That's the backchannel.

And that's where TodaysMeet comes in. TodaysMeet gives you an isolated room where you can see only what you need to see. Your audience doesn't need to worry about public real-time updates in forums like Twitter, or speaking aloud if they're embarrassed or don't want to interrupt.

TodaysMeet is a good way to have a quick convo in a relatively quiet place, while real-time lessons are going on and after class as a resource for discussion between students who may have never otherwise sought help from one another. Students can even remain anonymous while talking in the backchannel.

Why waste precious characters @replying everyone when you can just sit in the same room and listen to each other?

Start a room, or watch a video of how it works.