Jasmine Christmas


Jasmine ChristmasOptimism, Empathy & Kindness

Through some extraordinary alchemy, Jasmine Christmas turned adversity into a superfuel propelling her to academic heights. She survived sexual assault and cervical cancer while in her teens, and she still struggles with PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Yet, Jasmine graduates with Associate degrees in General Science, double majoring in Pharmacology and Psychology. That makes nine total credentials earned at SMC. Jasmine holds previous degrees in Social and Behavioral Science, Arts and Humanities, and General Education, plus an array of professional certificates. And she will return to SMC next fall to complete certificates in Early Childhood Education and American Sign Language.

Jasmine intends to be a pharmacist, and she’s taking a route few students travel: She has applied directly to Doctor of Pharmacology (PharmD) programs without a Bachelor’s degree. Thanks to her multiple Associate degrees and practical background as a pharmacy tech —she’s worked full time at Walgreens and CVS since 2017, Ralphs since 2022 —Jasmine hopes to show graduate admission committees she has what it takes to succeed.

As a Corsair, Jasmine got involved in many campus communities. She found her voice in the Black Collegians Club, serving as its first ICC delegate and getting elected twice as club president. She was also active in STEM/SRI, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Games Club.

The many threads of Jasmine’s education come together when she explains her mission in life: “I wanted to travel around the world and do pro bono work in mental health services for low-income areas. I’m hoping to cater to the less fortunate.”