Cebelihle S’Nenhlanhla Hlatshwayo


Cebelihle S’Nenhlanhla HlatshwayoMaking Beautiful Plans

When Lihle discovered she would be the first Black female editor-in-chief of The Corsair, she had her concerns. “I told them that I didn’t feel I was at a place in my life where I could do amazing things for The Corsair,” she admits candidly. “If I’m going to be the first, then I have to be amazing.”

That’s when someone offered her some important advice: Take every opportunity that comes your way and do the best you can. And with that, Lihle stepped up for the job.

It was the latest in a series of decisions that have paid off for a young woman whose name in Zulu means “God’s Beautiful Plan.” Graduating this year with an Associate degree in Journalism, Lihle made the bold choice of leaving her home country of South Africa to pursue her love of journalism in the U.S. To make ends meet, she took on several part-time jobs while attending classes full time.

But Lihle had her heart set. “If I want something bad enough,” she says, “I’m going to try my best to make it happen.”

That resolve extends to Lihle’s passion for quality journalism. As The Corsair’s editor-in-chief, she’s focused on promoting high standards of journalism, especially as the team begins to cover complex issues. Ultimately, Lihle has dreams of launching her own publication back home.

“Any challenge can be faced,” Lihle says. “That doesn’t mean every challenge will be won. But if you’re passionate and determined enough, there’s always a way.”