Venel Sanchez


Venel Sanchez


After graduating from Palisades Charter High, I was excited to attend SMC. I took two online summer classes before starting my first semester at SMC, and got a head start on my college education. At the start of the fall semester, I joined Black Collegians, Adelante, and the SMC EOPS/CARE program. I met amazing people, tutors, and counselors who all helped guide me.

At SMC, I gained experience for the real world in aspects of time management, commitment, and working hard for what I want in life.

SMC has helped me get to where I want to be, has given me opportunities to be part of programs and clubs, and has helped me save money throughout my first two years while allowing me to explore careers, jobs, and major options.

I’m proud to be a Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, first-generation college student. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment, and sacrifice in order to succeed. Dream big.