Nassif Zmerli


Nassif ZmerliBusiness Administration

1,380 days ago, I walked into the ESL building as a Tunisian student carrying a shattered dream from the past - 2.8 GPA and poor ambitions. Thanks to SMC, I'm walking out with a 3.5 GPA and a resurrected dream.

SMC's cluster of resources transformed my beaten past and uphill move from Tunisia into a prosperous sail trip of opportunities and a diverse community to get a step closer towards concretizing my goal.

SMC Phi Theta Kappa and President's Ambassadors offered me a run with stunning leaders, a pinch of hilarious friends, a zest of connections and a unique atmosphere of a family figure that I will always cherish.

Never let rejection or a GPA define you. Only your drive and unique story count. Under the stellar mentorship of counselor Dan Nannini, my rejection from Berkeley made me a proud Columbian lion and Corsair.

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