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Map of Santa Monica with the SMC Campuses indicated

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Main Campus

Located at 1900 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, , this is the central location for most of Santa Monica College's classes and services. All satellite campuses (except Emeritus) are linked by free shuttle bus or the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus service to main campus. Permit parking required.

Satellite Campuses

Airport Campus

Located at 2800 Airport Ave next to the Santa Monica Airport , this campus offers a range of courses in an intimate setting. It also houses the Ceramics Program and the Mentor Arts Program. Parking is free.

Bundy Campus

Located at 3171 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles (at Santa Monica Airport), Bundy Campus is the largest of SMC's satellite campuses. The 10-4 acre site features a modern, four-story building (which on upper floors has sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean), plenty of free parking and beautiful landscaping. Bundy houses the nursing program, teacher-training program, continuing and community education classes, and a host of general-education courses.

Center for Media and Design

Located at 1660 Stewart St. at the east end of Santa Monica, the Center for Media & Design houses the Design Technology Department offering degrees and certificates in Entertainment Technology, Graphic Design and Interior Architectural Design. The college's only bachelor degree program — Interaction Design — is housed here, too. In addition, the Communication and Media Studies department, The Corsair student newspaper, and KCRW 89.9FM are located at this campus. General education courses are also offered on this campus, located in the heart of Santa Monica 's entertainment business district. Permit parking required.

For more information, visit Center for Media & Design.

Emeritus Campus

Located at 1227 Second St. in downtown Santa Monica, is the widely praised program designed for older adults. Emeritus offers more than 160 free classes in a wide range of subjects and serves more than 3,400 students annually. It is one of the largest programs of its kind in the state.

For more information, visit Emeritus Program.

Malibu Campus

Located at 23555 Civic Center Way in Malibu. The three-acre campus includes a two-story educational building with dedicated science and computer labs, a 100-seat lecture hall with sloped seating for music and film, an art studio, open floor spaces for dance and yoga, general classrooms, a conference room, a community room, outdoor study spaces, and an interpretive center to tie into the rich and varied coastal features nearby. 

For more inforamtion, visit Malibu Campus.

Performing Arts Center

Formerly the Madison campus, on 11th Street, Santa Monica Blvd. in central Santa Monica, houses SMC's widely praised music program and the Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery. Some general education courses are also offered at the site. The performing arts complex includes The Broad Stage and Edye Second Space. Parking is free but a permit is required. There is a Pete & Susan Barrett Gallery behind the performing arts complex. Permit parking required.