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Interaction Design Bachelor’s Degree

Santa Monica College is currently offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Interaction Design (IxD). This unique degree will build from the existing Graphic Design Associate degree and blends the fields of design, user experience (UX), and technology. Interaction Designers ensure that products are appealing, effective and intuitive for their users. They create the experiences we have every day with smart objects, devices, and the web. There is a strong demand for more UX/interaction designers in today’s high technology industries. This degree will provide students with the skills necessary to enter this well paid and exciting field.

The Bachelor of Science IxD Program kicked off Fall 2016.

For more information, visit the SMC Interaction Design website.

  • Knowledge of UX/Interaction Design history, practices, methodologies, and project-based processes.

  • Conceptualize, solve problems, and understand the importance of the user and of user experience.

  • Design and prototype for a range of platforms including the web, mobile, and tangible systems such as wearables and connected products.

  • Proficiency in critical thinking, reading, writing, and oral presentation skills necessary in the design industry.

  • Successfully enter the industry or create a successful entrepreneurial business in the field of UX/Interaction Design.

Interaction Design Courses

  • IXD 310, Interaction Design Studio 1
  • IXD 330, Interaction Design Studio 2
  • IXD 350, Interactive Storytelling
  • IXD 360, Product Design
  • IXD 370, Design for Community Change
  • IXD 410, Project Management for Design
  • IXD 430, Interaction Design Studio 3
  • IXD 450, Interaction Design Portfolio
  • IXD 460, Tangible Interaction
  • IXD 470, Interaction Design Senior Studio
  • IXD 480, Design for the Future

What People Are Saying About IxD

"The Interaction Design field has evolved so quickly, even the tech industry can barely keep up with its growth – the shortage of skilled interaction designers is just overwhelming. We need these graduates to continue our symbiotic relationship with the economy of Los Angeles and California."
Steve Vincent, Vice President at Music & Soundtracks for Disney Channel Worldwide

“With thousands of jobs going unfilled in the design field, SMC’s Interaction Design Bachelor’s degree is one that will prepare students locally to meet the demands of today’s technology industry and keep California at the forefront of innovation and design.”
Ross Pollack, Executive Vice President at Lionsgate

More Information

The ideal candidate applying to the Interaction Design Bachelor’s degree will have completed an Associate degree in Graphic Design. Individuals who are graduates of a Graphic Design program (or related) and/or who possess work experience in the design are eligible to apply to the IxD program.

Below is the admissions schedule:

  • Fall Admissions Deadline: March 1 of the same calendar year