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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an online solution for any organization in need of a customer relationship management or CRM. It provides each department such as marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a shared view of your organization's customers with one integrated CRM platform.

Over 150,000 companies, both big and small, are growing their business with Salesforce.

What is Salesforce?

What is a Salesforce Admin?

Salesforce Admins provides value to a business by automating complex business processes, creating reports & dashboards, and training users on using Salesforce. A Salesforce Admins are the ones that an organization depends on to help them monitor their successes and customer relationships on the Salesforce CRM platform.

Average Salary: $95,000

Annual Growth: 37.4%

What is a Salesforce Admin?

What is a Salesforce Developer?

You believe any repetitive task should be automated with code. You dig into juicy problems and work through the night until you have an elegant solution. Coding Apex and custom applications for Salesforce instances or building Visualforce pages and controllers are some of the tasks you enjoy tackling.

Average Salary: $125,000

Annual Growth: 21%

CS 77A: Salesforce Administration Essentials

This course introduces students to Salesforce, the industry-leading customer relationship management system. Topics include data model and navigation; setting up company profiles, user interface, and security. Students will create customized records, manage data, run reports, navigate system apps and other applications including personalizing the program to suit various business needs.

Course Objectives

  • Design and produce a Salesforce application for various business needs
  • Create custom page layouts, fields, tabs and business processes
  • Maintain and import clean data into Salesforce
  • Create high-value reports and dashboards
  • Create workflow automation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic database concepts.

CS 77B: Salesforce Developer Essentials

This course covers how to create applications using the Salesforce platform services and tools. Topics include designing and managing data models, configuring application security, designing user interfaces and customizing the application for mobile user and Lightning users. It also focuses on VisualForce to develop custom applications that make use of the Model-View-Controller paradigm by coding in Apex, using Lightning Components and the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL).

Course Objectives

  • Design and create Salesforce apps
  • Apply the appropriate Salesforce app security measures.
  • Develop mobile access to allow access to data and functionality