Emeritus Fall 2020

News from the Associate Dean


Dear Emeritus Community,

Welcome to Fall 2020!

First and foremost, I hope every single one of you is doing well, and that all of your loved ones and friends are safe and doing well. Most of the classes will be synchronous on Zoom (at the time scheduled here), some are using Facebook, or Canvas, or another asynchronous delivery method. Your instructor is in charge of determining the delivery method. Your instructor will email you information on how to access your class.

I encourage you to log in to Corsair Connect — from there you can activate your SMC email address, update your personal email address, and register for classes. Go to smc.edu/FAQ for additional information and to view videos on “How to log into Corsair Connect,” “How to Add a Class,” and “How to Drop a Class.” Simple Zoom instructions are available at smc.edu/emeritus

We will not have the mini - lab operational for registration, and we cannot meet with anyone in - person at all. The Emeritus building will remain closed at this time, we will be picking up mail from the Main Campus periodically. Please try to register online through Corsair Connect, if not, mail it. I encourage you to try registering for classes online, but you can mail the forms in, or send photos or scans of them over email. You may also drop them off through the Emeritus mail slot during the week of registration. We will also have schedules and forms available outside the front door.

We will coordinate a Zoom room Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. during Registration Week to provide some support to anyone who needs it. We will send a robocall to students when that Zoom link is available.

All normal registration rules still apply. You can only enroll into 4 classes for fall initially. When the semester starts, you can add additional classes if there is room. This way, every student is given a chance to get into a few classes. Also, the statewide rule from the Chancellor’s office still stands that a student cannot enroll in more than one section of any specific course number at the same time.

Zoom classes do have a large maximum capacity, but some classes require a stricter limitation, for pedagogical or management reasons. If nothing else, you can imagine the challenge posed for an instructor recording attendance for 300 students each week, which is why very few classes are set to that capacity.

I also highly encourage you to seek and offer support to each other, about class registration, sure, but also about life in general. Leverage the community we have all built together so we can all be as connected as possible during this time.

Dr. Scott C. Silverman
Associate Dean, SMC Emeritus