Emeritus Summer 2020

News from the Associate Dean


Dear Emeritus Community,

Welcome to Summer 2020!

First and foremost, I hope every single one of you is doing well, and that all of your loved ones and friends are safe and doing well. I’m writing this right as we go to print in early May.

We are continuing to conduct our classes remotely through Summer 2020. Most of the classes will be synchronous on Zoom (at the time scheduled here in the schedule), some are using Facebook, or Canvas, or another asynchronous delivery method. Your instructor is in charge of determining the delivery method they will use, and responsible for sending you instructions for how to access the class. If you add a class after the Semester starts June 22, please contact your instructor so they will know to get you the information.

In lieu of normal schedule distribution methods, since there are no places we can all currently go, we are mailing the schedule to your home. I hope this makes it easier for you to register. We will not have the mini-lab operational for registration, and we cannot meet with anyone in-person at all. The Emeritus building will remain closed at this time, we will be picking u p.m.il from the Main Campus periodically. Please try to register online through Corsair Connect, if not, mail it. We will be emailing all of you with a few times you might get support online thru Zoom, provided by longtime Emeritus volunteer, former faculty member and current Chair of the Emeritus Student Advisory Council, Judy Blits.

For summer, you will still be limited to 3 classes upon initial enrollment (this is the norm for Summer and Winter). Normally, starting in week 3, you can add more classes. For Summer 2020 we will allow you to add more classes starting on June 22, which is Monday of Week 1 of Summer. This way, every student is given a chance to get into a few classes, and then as of June 22, everyone can add additional classes provided there are seats available. Many of the faculty have agreed to increase the size of their classes for Summer remote teaching. Please note: while you might think we should have an unlimited number of students in every class, Faculty still need to record attendance for each person, so a class that normally had 30, will not suddenly allow 100 people to enroll. Also, the statewide rule from the Chancellor’s office still stands that a student cannot enroll in more than one section of any specific course number at the same time.

We will process new and returning student enrollments as we go forward. Thank you for understanding that we had to pause new enrollments for some part of Spring semester as we adjusted to remote teaching and all staff working from home.

Dr. Scott C. Silverman
Associate Dean, SMC Emeritus