Emeritus Winter 2022 Schedule

News from the Associate Dean


Dear Emeritus Community,

Welcome to Winter 2022!

We are continuing Winter 2022 completely online. Our wonderful faculty and I are working on plans for Spring and beyond. We will have some classes online and some in-person in the future, and most likely will have a mix of in-person and online forever. However, you should know that before you register for any in-person classes, you will need to upload your proof of vaccination. There is no urgency to do so yet…but if you are so-inclined, you may visit smc.edu/emeritus and then click on “Submit Proof of Vaccination.” Remember, if a class is in-person in Spring or later, and you wish to enroll, your proof of vaccination will need to be on file ahead of time. If you’re tech savvy and can upload it now, I encourage you to do so…we will send out more emails and robocall reminders as we get closer to Spring.

I encourage you to become very familiar with Corsair Connect if you haven’t already done so. Using your SMC credentials to register, to access SMC email and so much more makes many things easier, for you and for the program. You can even choose to forward your SMC email to your personal email account.

  1. Log in to Corsair Connect at smc.edu/cc — from there you can activate your SMC email address, update your personal email address, and eventually even use Corsair Connect to register for classes.

    Go to smc.edu/faq for instructional videos on how to log in to Corsair Connect, how to add a class in Corsair Connect, how to drop a class in Corsair Connect, and other resources.

  2. Simple Zoom instructions available at smc.edu/emeritus, under COVID-19 Announcements.

I also highly encourage you to seek and offer support to each other, about class registration, sure, but also about life in general. Leverage the community we have all built together so we can all be as connected as possible during this time.

Please know that the Emeritus team, Vivian, Jessica, Ashley, the Emeritus faculty, even our new student workers and myself are working incredibly hard right now and always. If you get a chance, please let the team know how appreciative you are.

We look forward to welcoming you back into the Emeritus office in the very near future!

Dr. Scott C. Silverman
Dean, Noncredit & External Programs