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  • Students: Course access will be the FIRST official day of the class. 

  • Allow up to 24 hours after registration to access your courses on Canvas.
  • Students must register for classes on Corsair Connect first before gaining access to Canvas.
  • View Dates and Deadlines for academic and enrollment deadlines.


Your Canvas username is your SMC email name without "" or "". Do not use student ID.


  • Username: lee_jane_doe
  • Email: or


This is your regular SMC password, the same one you use for Corsair Connect.

My Password is Not Working

If your password does not work, open Notepad on PC or Text Edit on Mac, type your password and copy this password. Test your password in Corsair Connect and paste it in Canvas to ensure they are the same.

Forgot Your Password?


Your password is your Corsair Connect password.

How to look up your password if you forget it:

  1. Go to the Corsair Connect login page at
  2. Click on the "I cannot access my account" link
  3. Enter as much information on the form as you can, and click the arrow to move to the next screen
  4. Select “I want to recover my login information” if that option appears
  5. If the system shows your personal email address and asks if you have access to it, be sure to say “yes”, unless you cannot use that personal email address anymore.

The system will decide whether to email you the password immediately or send your request for help to the Student Information Technology Help Line for more detailed follow-up later.


SMC Employee Network Account Password Reset

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How to Use Canvas

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