Purchase Orders, Terms & Conditions

All acquisitions of materials and/or services require a Purchase Order. No exceptions. The Procurement Department issues a  Purchase Order for all goods and services the District wishes to acquire. This Order, when properly signed by an authorized representative of the Santa Monica Community College District (SMC), is the only authorization which will be recognized by SMC for charges to its account and authorization  to ship merchandise to SMC. Suppliers are required to conduct their business directly with the Procurement Department. Please see our Purchase Order Terms & Conditions  page for more information.

The assigned P.O. Number must appear on all packages and invoices. This is essential for the proper identification of all shipments and for prompt payment of invoices.

Purchase Order Header 


  1. Purchase Order Number - P.O. Number that should be referenced on all invoices and packing slips.
  2. Due Date- Date the order needs to be delivered by.
  3. Buyer - Procurement Department representative of Santa Monica College authorized to issue and make changes to the order.
  4. Ship Via- Method of shipment.
  5. FOB- (Shipping Terms)
  6. Buyer Phone Number- Telephone Number where you can reach the Buyer that authorized the order.
  7. PO Terms - Payment Terms.
  8. Ship To - Warehouse/Receiving location where items should be shipped.
  9. Fiscal Year- Our fiscal year term runs from July 1 - June 30th.

Shipment & Delivery Information

All shipments are to be addressed exactly as shown on the Purchase Order (See Section 8, on Diagram). Each shipment must have a packing slip affixed to the outside of the package and must also include the P.O. Number and contents of the shipment. Shipments without this information may be refused.


Please submit invoices in duplicate (if by snail mail) directly to our Accounts Payable Department and include our P.O. Number on all copies. Failure to include the P.O. Number on your invoice may result in delay of payment.

In order to receive a timely payment of invoices, a proper and acceptable invoice must contain the following:

  1. Reference the P.O. Number and line item Number
  2. Vendor Number from Purchase Order.
  3. Contract Number (If applicable)
  4. Federal Tax ID

Santa Monica College
Attention: Accounts Payable
1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628


Submit invoice by email: accountspayable@smc.edu
Accounts Payable Telephone: 310-434-4283
Accounts Payable Fax: 310-434-3607

See Accounts Payable website for A/P Tech Information Accounts Payable Website