The Mail Room Department can now process your large, outgoing mailings and much more.

What is Bulk Mail?

Bulk Mail is a large mailing that is prepared for USPS and may qualify for reduced rates.

Bulk Mailings and Other Services

  • Presorting mailing lists to achieve the maximum USPS discounts
  • Running databases through CASS Certification to ensure that addresses meet USPS standards
  • Ability to check the addresses to see if a “change of address” has been filed by the resident
  • Provide you a list of fixed addresses ready for mail
  • Addressing mail pieces through a direct impression (inkjet)
  • Collate, fold, and seal, up to ten Inserts into a #9 and #10 envelope at a peak rate of 4,000 filled envelopes per hour

Bulk Mail Work Orders

A Bulk Mail Work Order is required when:

  • Services such as addressing, tabbing, folding, inserting etc. are requested
  • Department would like documentation supporting the fees associated with a mailing
  • Whenever an outside vendor is used i.e. mailing flyers, printing labels and letters, etc.

To Request Bulk Mailing

  1. Fill out a Bulk Mail Work Order Form and send electronically to the Mail Room Department at (Google Chrome recommended in order to use the fillable form).
  2. If you need to use envelopes for your job, please complete a Inventory Request Form and email it to: Please allow 1-2 business days to process your order.
  3. Email your file in excel, tab delimited or comma delimited formats to:
  4. See: Mail Merge Sample to format your own Excel sheet.
  5. Do not send address labels or order address labels and apply them and then send the envelopes to the mail room department. We will be charged first class postage, as our equipment cannot automate for USPS discounts.

When you email the address file electronically, the software verifies the accuracy of the addresses, adds the zip + 4 barcode and sorts it for the highest discount with the USPS.

We currently do not have software that can automate mailings in window envelopes. Window envelopes are sent first class.

Work orders can now be completed and sent electronically, but it is still necessary to print and send a copy of the work order along with your mailing if you are requesting any additional services such as addressing, tabbing, folding, inserting etc., or if you want a detailed report of the associated mailing costs. Click on the form link above to access the PDF fill-able form. Adobe Reader is required. If you do not have an updated version of the Adobe Reader, please contact Telecom for assistance.

Brochure, Newsletter, & Postcards

For Brochure, newsletter, and postcard templates, see the Outgoing Mail page.

Benefits of using Mail Services

  • Qualify Mailings for discounts
  • Eliminate extra costs on labels and ink
  • Save time and labor costs on stuffing and sealing
  • Generate reports on cost of mailing
  • Improves deliverability
  • Reduces returned mail

Our Equipment

Bulk Mailer Software

  • Qualify mailings for discounts
  • Improves Deliverability
  • Reduces returned mail
  • Cleans mailing lists from wrong addresses
  • CASS certified for address correction

Address Printer

  • Eliminates the cost of labels
  • Minimize labor (300 envelopes/min.)
  • Improves appearance/readability
  • Prints bar codes needed for USPS
  • Prints on postcards, envelopes, and flats

Folder, Inserter & Tabber

  • Folder Inserter—Collates, folds, inserts and seals up to ten inserts in a #10 envelope at a peak of up to 4,000 envelopes per hour
  • Tabs, labels or affixes stamps

It is highly recommended that you contact the Mail Room Department early in the planning stages of a new mailing so that we can ensure that the correct procedures are followed in preparing a bulk mailing.

Non-profit Bulk Mail

Nonprofit bulk mail is the most inexpensive method for mailing domestic, non first-class material. Requirements for sending a nonprofit mailing are:

  • At least 200 identical pieces of non first-class material each weighing less than 16 oz.
  • Mailing is sorted/separated into specified zip code categories with our software
  • Mailing is deposited at the Mail Acceptance Unit at U.S. Post Office by our staff
  • The appropriate U.S. Postal Service forms are completed and accompany the mailing when brought to the Mail Acceptance Unit
  • Non-profit mailings must originate from SMC