Buyer Assignments

SMC Buyers specializes in the Commodities they procure.  The term "Commodity" is used solely to refer to categories, groups of supplies or services. The success of commodity-based strategies is based on maximizing the cost reduction advantages by leveraging combined buying power for volume discounts, using market experts to formulate a sourcing strategy and finally, forming strong relationships with preferred suppliers.

With commodity-based purchasing, this will allow SMC the following advantages:

  • Gain valuable knowledge and expertise to better leverage purchasing power;
  • Build and form stronger supplier relationships that take advantage of current market conditions;
  • Seek out pre-negotiated contracts with other public agencies to achieve the most variable terms, conditions and pricing.

As we work to reorganize a commodity-based strategy, we will keep the campus informed of the new assignments for each buyer.

Buyer Assignments

A guide to contact the assigned buyer for each commodity. If you have any questions regarding any specific commodity, contact the buyer of record.