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Lisa Davis
Warehouse/Rec./Mailroom Manager

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Warehouse/Rec. Staff

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Warehouse/Rec. Staff

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Warehouse/Rec. Staff



Receiving is the central receiving point for all deliveries made to SMC. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to the SMC community. The responsibility of the receiving department is to administer receipt and perform all delivery functions. Our Receiving staff provide reliable service to guarantee that goods are received, inspected, transported, and delivered to their final destination in a safe, cost effective and expeditious way.

It is essential that all deliveries be processed through SMC Receiving to ensure appropriate recording of fixed assets, as well as to provide Accounts Payable with a tracking mechanism for payment of invoices. Departments should avoid direct deliveries in order to enable the District to promptly handle payments and discrepancies in deliveries.

Receiving Procedures

The SMC Warehouse department is the centralized receiving point for all deliveries made to SMC, unless previously arranged with buyers or the warehouse manager.

The following procedures are a reference to assist with the receiving process. Please contact the receiving department with any questions.

Returns & Exchanges

The Receiving Department should be notified of any merchandise required to be returned to a supplier or a manufacturer for exchange or credit prior to sending the packaged items to Receiving.

All packages to be returned to a vendor or to be shipped must be ready for shipment and must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

The Receiving Department must be notified of any special delivery concerns or instructions, or if the package(s) requires special handling (such as size).

Items ordered through a Purchase Order

If any merchandise received is obviously damaged, or incorrectly shipped, the Receiving Department will accept the merchandise and will contact the supplier to arrange the return. If the items have been ordered incorrectly, the Buyer will be notified in the Purchasing Department.

Items ordered through a Blanket Purchase Order

The Requesting Department will need to contact the supplier directly and request a return authorization number (RMA) to avoid unnecessary shipping charges. Once the RMA has been obtained, please contact the Receiving Department to arrange for pick-up.